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Helping you, the Buyer, find that perfect home or property is our specialty.

A Buyer Specialist on the Julie Moe & Jared Chase Group studies the market from a Buyer’s perspective, offering you unparalleled and specialized service. Almost all of what Martha and Melissa do is work with Buyers. They know the market intimately and have the time to spend with you. They aren’t bogged down with marketing, managing listings, handling escrows and the other myriad of activities associated with buying and selling real estate that other Realtors do by themselves.

The entire focus of the Buyer Specialist is servicing you, the Buyer; educating you on the market trends and market conditions and finding the “just right” property for you. The other members of the Julie Moe & Jared Chase Group handle and specialize in the other aspects of the real estate business. Leaving nothing to chance, there is a marketing specialist handling the advertising and marketing of the Team’s listings as well as the escrows, making sure all contingencies are removed in a timely manner. What this means to you is a smooth, seamless transaction. You are kept informed every step of the way.

Our Instant Buyer Notification Program alerts you, our buyer, immediately, via e-mail, when a home comes on the market that matches your criteria.  You know the instant we do when that new listing hits the MLS.

Questions? Contact one of our Buyer Specialists or click here to visit the State of Oregon Buyer Advisory to answer specific questions about the process.

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The specific agent you choose, not just the company, makes all the difference in whether or not your house sells, and it can also affect the net proceeds from the sale. Following are some of the services we offer that differentiate us from other Realtors.

– Availability. The Julie Moe & Jared Chase Group of professional staff works strictly for you; one of our team members is always available via phone or e-mail. We are all familiar with your property and transaction, so we can always answer your questions.

Benefit to you: Availability! You can always get in touch with someone who can answer your questions.

– Service after Showing. Our ShowingSuite.com system allows us to monitor showings via the internet. E-mails are sent to the showing agent within 24 hours after a showing, requesting answers to questions such as “Is the home priced correctly?”, “Is your client considering making an Offer?”, etc. The answers to these questions are automatically e-mailed to you, the Seller, as well as to us. The information gathered from showings is extremely helpful in determining the competitiveness of your home in the current market.

Benefit to you: You are kept up-to-date on the showings and feedback on your home. You are never left in the dark – you are a high priority to our team.

– Staff. We have chosen a select group of real estate professionals with expertise in many different areas to work exclusively for you. We watch out for your interests and negotiate on your behalf. Your interests become our goal and that means we work our hardest to sell your home quickly, for the most money and with the least amount of hassle. Click here to meet the team.

Benefit to you: Several real estate professionals working for you for the price of one.

– Pro-Active Sales Attitude. The Julie Moe & Jared Chase Group takes your home directly to the buyer through our dedication to pro-ACTIVE sales. Our sales program includes direct mail, print media advertising, internet exposure and Realtor referrals. The Group’s Buyer Specialists are always ready to show your home and promote it to our buyers. Our goal is to show our own listings first but we don’t stop there – we also are in constant contact with the real estate community to see if they have any buyers looking for your type of home. Our Instant Buyer Notification Program alerts our buyers immediately when your home hits the market and our follow-up system insures your home will be shown immediately to all buyers in our database if your home meets their criteria.

Benefit to you: Your listing receives aggressive sales attention from an entire staff of professionals with one goal in mind-the sale of your home.

– Aggressive Marketing Plan. The entire Group follows a detailed, aggressive marketing plan. Sales do not happen because of an “idea of the week.” They require detailed planning that is aggressively executed by a professional staff with one goal in mind – the sale of your home.

Benefit to you: A detailed marketing plan ensures the most money for your home in the least amount of time.

You’ll see what we mean when we say we offer Teamwork from the Team that Works.

Questions? Contact Julie & Jared or click here to visit the State of Oregon Seller Advisory to answer specific questions about the process.